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Inquiry Comes in Many Forms: Whatever Approach or Medium Used - Check that Brains are on Fire!


  • Inquiry-based. Participants identify questions, explore resources and ideas, assimilate information, draw inferences from evidence, make decisions, and reflect on their experience.
  • Place-based Learning. Participants focus on a specific location. It may be local, remote, invented, or real.
  • Object and Artifact-based. Participants examine a particular object or artifact.
  • Problem-based. Participants focus on solving a problem.
  • Project-based. Participants follow a process to create a project.
  • Challenge-based. Participants participate in a challenge.
  • Simulation-based. Participants explore a simulated environment.
  • Game-based. Participants overcome obstacles to solve a problem, accomplish a goal, or complete a task.
  • Multi-user Virtual Worlds. Participants explore a virtual location (QuestAtlantis, SecondLife-like).
  • Alternate Reality. Participants are involved in a storyline or game that uses real-world settings and environments. Flash mobs are in this category.
  • Augmented Reality. Participants experience a direct or indirect view of the world as seen through technology. Information about an environment may be overlayed on the real world.